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2 Unknown Camera ID’s

From inside the 1D Mark IV 1.0.6 Firmware
52b2b6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K252 = 500d
52b2d6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K215 = 1ds 3
52b2f2 [GYO]CameraModleID = K169 = 1d m3
52b30e [GYO]CameraModleID = K176 = 450d
52b32a [GYO]CameraModleID = K190 = 40d
52b346 [GYO]CameraModleID = K218 = 5d m2
52b362 [GYO]CameraModleID = K250 = 7d
52b56e [GYO]CameraModleID = K270 = unknown!!!
52b58a [GYO]CameraModleID = K261 = 50d
52b5a6 [GYO]CameraModleID = K281 = 1d m4
52b5c2 [GYO]CameraModleID = K287 = unknown !!!
52b5de [GYO]CameraModleID = K254 = 1000d
52b5fa [GYO]CameraModleID = OTHER

Model ID’s are from

I’m literally pulled over other side of the road making this post. I haven’t had time to check this info out. Have at her.

Isn’t USB internet great? The iPad would have actually been handy right now. :)

thanks ARM


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  1. so they can give a chance for the retailers to sell and rip off the remaining outdated camera body versions to the newbie consumers at “Best or Worst Buys.”

  2. OK…obviously you use you camera equipment different than me, and that’s OK….but it is your negative tone, a real lack of imagination, and closed mindedness……..I will try to educate you …..but it is up to you, I can only lead you to the water…… 224 of the 1D4 manual…you can download it from the Canon site…..C.Fn III-11 – Switch to registered AF Point… it for yourself….I have no more time for this.

  3. True, but only at a basic level, a better camera will give you better chances to get the shot you want. If not i’d always use my camera phone.

    I want better low light shots, so ISO12800/25600 will be better than my ISO1600 400D, this will give me brighter shots, focused quicker, taken at higher shutter speeds or smaller apetures.

    More focus points = better, faster auto focus decisions.
    Better processor = faster shot decisions, metering and transfer speed.
    Combine this with a faster focussing lens and better in focus action shots are possible.

    More metering types = better colour and exposure.

    More megaPixels = potentially bigger prints or more generous crops if ISO is really improved along with pixels.

    Addons – Video, Spirit level, GPS etc. all add to what becomes possible.

    So, if used well, a better tool will do a good job in more scenarios than a simple one.
    Presently, i’m sometimes a better photographer than my camera allows, and sometimes my camera is a better tool than me. I want the camera to always be better than me so that it restricts my shots less often.

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