xs - 2000D in May?
Rebel XS

Coming up on one year
The 2000D will be a year old come June, will Canon be releasing a new one?

Northlight points out the Aussie PMA being in June, so perhaps a May announcement?

2000D? I havent heard anything about it. I think Canon may just keep the 1000D around through to Christmas. A $399-$499 dslr perhaps?

Nikon has discontinued the D40, so there's a hole in the really cheap SLR segment from the big 2. I'll assume that the D60 will be the new cheapy when Nikon makes their announcements on the 14th of April.

I haven't seen any imminent discontinuation of the XSi or XS yet. I'll have to keep an eye on price sheets.

I admit I laughed at Sony for having 3 entry level cameras, but here we are with 3 Rebels. I think at their current price points, they'll sell a lot of each of them.


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  1. I’m actually being serious. I just found the 7 point AF to be more effective at horizontal tracking and the center is just as good, and vertical tracking is really no worse.

  2. I love my 1000D (rebel XS) but I wish it had spot metering and a higher resolution LCD. Other then that it is perfect for me.

    Things that could change but does not really affect me much are better viewfinder and AF (though the AF on the 450D is very messed up, the tried and true 7-point AF seems to work better on the 1000D).

    I do not need video on a DSLR and do not want to pay more for it so unless they add it as a freebe feature I think they should keep the xxxxD series video free and stick to the basics.

  3. I completely agree, the 9 point AF sensor on the 450D has some serious issues. That is the main reason I went with the 1000D and have no issues what so ever with the AF, I love it.

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