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2000D/T1 Spec Update [CR1]

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More fun specs!
A source from earlier this week has piped up with a new spec list for the T1/2000D.

7 AF Points
ISO 100-6400
3fps (Not sure if that includes RAW, current 1000D is 1.5fps)
720P @ 30fps
2.5″ Articulating Screen


35 responses to “2000D/T1 Spec Update [CR1]”

  1. Justin’s right. No way this will have an articulating screen if it’s coming out soon, otherwise it would have been included on the T1i.

  2. Here’s a different thought. I don’t think I’ve seen this rumor here. What if the T1i is the new entry model and the rumored T1 is actually a T5 or T2 or something to that effect. In this way Canon could throw in all the specs of the T1i, maybe improve the burst a bit and provide the articulating screen that they should have known about a year ago coming out of the Nikon camp? Hell they could even do 1080p at 24fps and top Nikon!

    Do it. Do it.

  3. I really hope they keep the megapixels at 12. 12 seems like the best compromise for detail/high ISO. 720P video would be fine for me (still better than what my point & shoot can do), I just want video there as an additional “in case I want it” feature, not as a dedicated hardcore feature, especially considering sound is going to suck with just a built in mono mic (like the 500D) and no audio input if it IS going to be present. If not, I’ll be waiting another camera generation. I don’t know if I’m going to want to upgrade if they’re gonna up the 500D replacement to 17mp though.

  4. Remember, they don’t need to outsell their other models, they need to outsell their competition.

  5. Bah when is there going to be more info on the 2000D? Either it shows up soon or I’m pulling the trigger on the T1i.

    Something like 12-15mp and 720p only @ $799 would be amazing.

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