Canon Rumors 2009 Awards!
Here are my picks for the best and worst of 2009. Stay tuned tomorrow for my predictions for 2010 from Canon.

*Note: You may disagree with something here, just be nice about it if you make a comment.

Best New Digital SLR
Winner: 1D Mark IV
Runner-up: 7D

This was a tough choice because I have never used a 1D Mark IV (I will be soon). I'm basing this on initial reports from various pros. The image quality, autofocus and feature set make it a winner. The only knock folks have against it is the price. Do digital SLR's really need to cost $5000?

The 7D is a great camera for most people. After seeing and experiencing the softness of the files at small apertures, my opinion of the camera dwindled a little bit. I still think the 7D is Canon actually listening (for the most part) to consumers of prosumer level camera bodies.

As I said last year, Canon had to rethink the xxD line. The 7D addresses that, now lets see what the 60D brings us.

Worst Digital SLR
Winner: Rebel T1i

More mega pixels and a gimped movie mode. The 18-55 has no hope of resolving the 15.1mp sensor the T1i possesses, so why bother?

The 20fps 1080p movie mode is ridiculous. Lower the bitrate or some other way to gimp the movie mode to keep it below the 7D and 5D2.

The Rebel line also needs scrollwheel. It's not a saleable feature, but it sure is a great thing to have. Ergonomics of the camera in general feel dated.

I was a big fan of the Rebel line until complacency set it. Yes, the Rebel is the best selling digital slr on earth, but that doesn't mean it can't push the boundaries of what a great entry level dslr should be.

Best PowerShot
Winner: S90
Runner-up: SD780

I was happy to see the return of the S line from Canon. I love the S90. I love the size, the ergonomics, the ring and the image quality the camera dishes out. It's great to see Canon has some creative engineers.

SD780?! Yes, I love that little thing. It's small (oh so small) and quite stylish. The HD movie mode and image quality are pretty decent. This is another creative offering from Canon.

Worst PowerShot
Winner: SX120
Runner-up: A480

Big, ugly, unreliable and boring.. that's all I have to say about the SX120. It's a solid value for what it costs, I'm just not a fan.

The A480 is cheap, and probably worth what it costs. I'd like to see IS put into their entry level camera. The LCD on this camera is horrendous as well.

Best New Lens
Winner: TS-E 17 f/4L
Runner-up: EF-S 15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

Oh how fun is that 17mm Tilt-Shift? Tons! Canon's new tilt-shifts, especially the 17mm set the benchmark again for these types of lenses. Image quality, build quality and useablity are second to none. A job well done.

The 17-85 sure needed to be upgraded as a kit lens. The 15-85 is a well built and very good performer on the 7D. You immediately notice the build quality and heft of the new lens when you pick it up. I've used it and really think it's worth the price.

Worst New Lens
Winner: 18-135 IS


Best New Third Party Lens
Winner: Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 VC

I was a big fan of the original, adding vibration correction to the lens just makes it an even better value.

Best New Third Party Camera
Winner: Leica M9
Runner-up: Panasonic GF1

The M9 is a fine example of a company listening to its followers and delivering a great camera to follow-up a not so great camera. I liked the M8, but it was a hassle at times to use.

It costs a lot, but who cares? I'm a big fan of the rangefinder and always will be. I currently use some film Leicas and I'm currently waiting for my M9 to arrive (possibly March!). Leica will not be able to meet demand for this camera in 2010.

The Panasonic GF1 is almost great. The problems I have with the camera is it feels like a point & shoot, the external EVF is pretty bad, I find the camera quite ugly with all those logos on the front and the jpg processing is very poor.

However, it's a giant step in the right direction for Micro 4/3. I wish Panasonic would hire some real camera designers to really bring the system up to par with other photographic tools.


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  1. Thanks a lot GL2 for this sound advice and short report about 7D improvements handlingwise. Wish you loads of fine pix. And yes, I’ll be waiting for what will come out in 18 month time and then I’ll give it one year more to get rid of the beta bugs and the introduction price tag ;-)

  2. While the 17mm TS-E is a unique lens the 24mm TS-E II is a revelation and deserves to be at the top of the best lens category.

    The 24mm is sharper and stays sharp throughout the shift range. The 17mm is impressive but gets less so with shift and never approaches the overall sharpness of the 24mm. Since TS-E lenses are fairly judged when used as tilt and shift lenses, the 24mm is the better lens.

    Not incidentally, the 24mm TS-E II may be Canon’s best wide angle.

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