The 5DayDeal Business + Marketing Bundle is just around the corner, and 5DayDeal has launched their pre-sale giveaway, you have a chance to win a 13″ Macbook Pro along with multiple other prizes.


Sponsor: Prize Value: # Available: VALUE pCloud – 1 Year 2TB Plan $96 10 $960 Rezi Pro – 1 Year Membership $108 15 $1,620 Stencil – 1 Year Unlimited Plan $144 15 $2,160 Endorsal – 1 Year Agency Plan $2,998 3 $8,994 A 13″ MacBook Pro [Drawn In December] $1,299 1 $1,299

Enter the 5DayDeal Business + Marketing Bundle Giveaway

*NOTE: Due to shipping and import taxes (in many countries winners would have to pay import and other taxes on the prizes) we limit physical prizes to USA (about 60% of our customers), but digital prizes are available for all.

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