Not everything is negative
The xxD line of cameras was expected to be on a 1 year product cycle after the launch of the 50D a year after the 40D.

One more person piped up this evening and said everything isn't doom and gloom. Still expect a 50D successor sometime in the fall. The 40D will be done away with and the 50D will remain a current model. There was no information as to whether or not it would be a APS-C camera or not.


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  1. Canon has to replace the 50D because it’s pretty much a failure in the marketplace. As a rival against the D300, it is a complete flop.

    Canon cannot afford to wait till 2010.

  2. It works for zooms too. If it didn’t my 24-70 would have been a $1100 doorstop. its a +15

  3. Canon have a show called Pro Photo Solutions in London on the 27th and 28th October. I think whatever they have up their sleeve will be announced at this show.

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