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40D, 50D, 60D, 7D Product Cycle… Oh My.

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Not everything is negative
The xxD line of cameras was expected to be on a 1 year product cycle after the launch of the 50D a year after the 40D.

One more person piped up this evening and said everything isn’t doom and gloom. Still expect a 50D successor sometime in the fall. The 40D will be done away with and the 50D will remain a current model. There was no information as to whether or not it would be a APS-C camera or not.


33 responses to “40D, 50D, 60D, 7D Product Cycle… Oh My.”

  1. Someone asked what the point of an upgrade would be. I’ll tell you: high ISO noise. Unfortunately, Nikon has Canon whipped when it comes to noise reduction.Canon has to take some of the noise improvements from the 5Dmkii and roll them down the line, so we can actually use the higher ISOs.

    That’s what I’m waiting for in a 60D. Gimme!

  2. As said before, it would be nice to have a normal 60D model then a 60Da or however Canon would label it with a body like the 1-series. I’m sure it could be done pretty easily with only a modest price jump. Vertical shooting without having to buy the larger battery grip would be nice. Not having the small LCD as on the 1-series and making the main LCD 3.5 or even 4 inches would be nice just for a preview.

    But I’m sure the odds of that happening are one in a million and the price increase would be large just because. Here’s to dreaming…..

  3. This might be worthy to note.

    “We’ve just been sent an invite to a Canon event in Copenhagen on the 25th.

    The tagline is that they’ve saved the best of their spring collection until the 25th”

    This is from the Northlight Images web site.

  4. 1. agreed
    2. go for the gusto and ask for 100 and maybe someday get 98
    3. agreed
    4. this is the one that won’t/can’t happen – the efs lenses are based around 1.6. I for one wouldn’t mind some sort of mini-1D with a 1.3 crop and most of the features of the 1d3 but it won’t happen. We all asked the same thing for a 3d and didn’t get that either…with the d700 vs. d3 as an example I don’t see canon repeating that mistake
    5. agreed again though it’s not so much better HD that I want but better AF while using it
    6. i think this is the most over stated myth in canon circles – the cameras honestly are weather sealed the same. The nikon is just heavier and for some reason can’t keep it’s grips on…
    7. you’ve seen the last camera with a bp511a i’d bet…
    8. gps is neat but not something I’d be willing to pay for…

    9. (mine) built in radio freq ettl control of flashes…if PW can do it in such a small unit no reason it can’t go in these cameras and make that a nice reason to buy a xxd rather than a rebel…


  5. I bought the 40D in February because of the bargain price. The 15 mp didn’t impress me. And I sure wasn’t going to buy the 50D just for the VGA LCD. That would be retarded.

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