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500D & EF-S 30 f/2 [CR2]

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From an Email

The new Rebel will be launched June 23 along with a new EF-S prime. The lense will be a 30mm f/2 with an EF-S mount. Canon held off on the originally planned 500D release due to the economy and waiting to see what Nikon comes out with………  They have a couple designs of the camera ready to go.

I’m not sure if companies can afford to “wait” to see what’s coming, so I’m not sure what to make of that. I’m going to CR2 this.


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  1. i went with the 35mm f/2 from canon. the design is PRE-HISTORIC! it’s small, light, about the right focal length, takes an ok picture, but WTF is with the buzzy little focus motor?

    now i have the 30mm sigma, it’s fast, sharp, perfect focal length, silent motor, f/1.4 gives me more room to move in low light, but it’s too heavy. especially for the 400D. it’s a tiny SLR, so i would still be interested in tiny lens to compliment it. f/2 is enough. ef-s 30mm would be friggin’ PERFECT!

    as for the 500D? i’m chomping at the bit for it. i love my 400D but desperately want video capture with shallow DOF. can’t go to 5DmII, too expensive, too big. can’t go to can’t go to nikon, i have to many canon lenses.

    COME ON 500D!! COME ON EF-S 30mm f/2!!!!

  2. i think they’ll just upgrade the 35 f2 to have usm and better optics. that way, they’ll have a normal prime for the 1.6ers, and an alternative 35mm for the full framers that won’t pony up for the 35L (and are forced to give their business to sigma). one upgrade, two markets are appeased.

  3. Part of the desingns yes, but the EOS system only dates back to 1987 and all the lenses were at least partially redesigned to be put in EF mount. Most of these updates were simply coatings, but those make a big difference.

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