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500D Release Delayed? [CR2]

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From a new source
A new source is saying Canon will be delaying the release of the 500D until the fall. This is due to the economic landscape.

That would mean no SLR at PMA? I just can’t get fully behind that notion.


16 responses to “500D Release Delayed? [CR2]”

  1. I waiting for this camera long enough. It have to be released. I don’t want to wait any longer too. I am not economist, but I think if it would be released a lot of customers would be certainly delighted instead of economic crisis.

  2. I tink thats the Canon-way to force undecided customers to buy the 450D now!

    I think the launch of the new model will be as soon as possible.

  3. The 400D has been taken down the Canon Singapore website not too long ago, and has disappeared from most shops. Probably a sign of things to come…

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