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500D/T1i Review – DPR

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t1i 150x150 - 500D/T1i Review - DPR
Canon EOS Rebel T1i

“If you currently own an EOS 450D or another fairly recent entry-level DSLR from an image quality point of view there is not necessarily a need to upgrade to the EOS 500D. However, the HD video mode, new high-resolution screen or extended ISO range make it easier to justify the expense if you’re likely to use these features. For anybody buying their first DSLR the 500D is an easy recommendation but you might want to have a look at the Nikon D5000 as well. It comes with a similar feature set to the 500D (‘only’ 720P video though) and performs slightly better in low light.”

A pretty favorable review.

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15 responses to “500D/T1i Review – DPR”

  1. i had a 450d and now have a 500d. i mainly got it because of the high res lcd and the video capability. i wouldnt go back to the 450d. i like the ability to take pictures and then take a quick video on the fly. im no pro by any means, but this camera does exactly what i need. i was just at my nephews and niece’s birthday, and while shooting tons of pictures, i took a lot of quick videos while i was at it.

    as for picture quality, i invested in a sigma 30mm, 17-55mm canon, 100mm macro, and have a 50mm f/1.8 mk1. to my eyes, the pics look just as good on this camera s they did on the 450d. i will end up getting a better camera body when i am a better photographer.

  2. If you don’t care about video (like I don’t), get the 450D and spend the extra money on a better lens. The 17-55/2.8 if you can afford it, otherwise the 17-85 is very sharp too (but shooting in RAW with this one is almost required to get rid of the distortion on shorter focal ranges).

  3. D300+ has more focus points, but they’re slow as hell to focus compared to 50D. I’ll take speed over quantity any day.

  4. I was looking at the T1i (and D5000) but some of the reviews have me concerned about the build quality (as it is usually described as cheap feeling.)

    Maybe I’ll just spring for a D90.

    I’m interested in video in my camera, but it seems like this first go around is a little weak with all the products released this past year. It probably won’t be a top quality feature until the next generation (maybe next year?) I’m patient.

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