Best Buy
Best Buy has always given clues as to what was coming.

Currently Best Buy Canada is selling the 50D as a body only. It doesn't appear kits are available on the site anymore.

From a birdie
If you want some tidbits of info, here's one.

Canon attempted to purchase Pentax.

There's a concern within Canon about Sony's position in the DSLR market.  They're proving to be very committed in gaining marketshare.

It was insinuated that Sony has interest in Pentax and its user base, whereas Canon doesn't necessarily want the same thing.

It was an interesting talk. I don't have lots of info, but the source is good.

Enjoy :)


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  1. James Booba on

    Canon is more afraid of Sony atm then of Nikon, since SONY is capable of moveing into the HD DSLRs market with its 50 years of knowhow in broadcasting business.

  2. Thank you to all the nice folks on this thread that are concerned about my finances. I can afford the camera. just chose to pay it off over a few months as to not take a big hit in one month.

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