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DPR has completed their review of the 50D (No, I haven't finished mine.). I agree with some of their negatives and I'll even be adding a few (teaser!).

Conclusion Page of DPR Review



  1. I like the 50D. It’s my first dSLR (to put things in perspective). I will only be printing at 8 1/2 x 11 and I also have huge cropping ability to get what I want if I missed it in the field. I also shoot at less than 1600 usually.

    Plus a tiny bit of sharpening brings out the detail. And in RAW you’re doing some tweaks anyway, so why not one more.

    Along with the other problems pixel peepers have pointed out with 15 Mp, don’t forget that it now reveals limitations in lenses.

  2. Dpreview often give completey negative reviews and then at the end find some reason to give a Recommended rating. I think they are scared that manufacturers will not supply pre-production cameras and such…rubbish. Buy a 5D, save a bit & take better pictures.

  3. i think that people that give this camera and people that returned it a bad rating are completely wrong, remember this is a prosumer camera and not a professional camera.
    professionals should be using the eos 1Ds mk3 and at the very least the eos 5D mk2.
    it does for me everything i want and i’m happy with it.

  4. man… i was wondering if I should get a 50D to replace my recently departed 20D or just pic up a used 5D (since prices are plummeting) to take advantage of my zeiss glass… looks like this answers my dilemma

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