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5D Mark II @ Adorama Today?

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Reader submission:
A reader has been questioning Adorama about the availability of the camera, here’s what he told me.

“Gave my order # to the CS agent, she said : “looks like they are scheduled to arrive today. but we have no indication where or not they have arrived. They haven’t been logged into the computer, so I’m not sure if they have arrived or not. Call back tomorrow to see what your order status is.”

So there you have it

Thanks for the info


29 responses to “5D Mark II @ Adorama Today?”

  1. keep in mind that B&H does not take pre-orders. It will be first come first serve for everyone, so all of us with preorders that don’t really expect to get them on the first batch can also hedge their bets by getting an order in at B&H and then cancelling elsewhere.

  2. Up until Friday morning, we were still expecting them to come in tomorrow (27th), based on what we’d been told by Canon.

    Don’t forget, you guys may be frustrated right now – but we get to sit around looking foolish when we can’t fulfill orders because a supplier tells us one thing – but then does something completely different……..!!

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  3. I’d be very pleased and suprised to see my body only order from Adorama by early December. I ordered at 2:44 pm on September 17th. according to the order confirmation e-mail I received.

  4. adorama does not have any 5d mark 2’s yet i have spoke to one of the managers and they will not receive any until the middle of november at the earliest. I know everyone wants this camera real bad but what is the point of spreading untrue information about something.

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