Gotta love floating release dates
This was submitted by one of the readers here that has kept me apprised of Adorama's 5D2 stock.

“Looks like they were foolish enough to let people know that their ETA was end of October.  Passed couple of calls have all been quickly answered that it has now been moved to end of November.  Didn't have my fingers crossed too much”



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  1. I’m with Helen on this one. I’m thankful Adorama is being as forthcoming as they are regarding any information they receive. If Canon gives them wrong information, that’s Canon’s fault, not Adorama’s. The fact that they share information rather than being tight-lipped makes me MORE likely to buy from them in the future.

  2. (Also to add on)
    Canon in their release said BY (emphasise the word BY) the end of November. That means that they would start getting delivered any time from then UNTIL the end of November. All be it unlikely that they would deliver mid/late October, according to Canon’s own press release, it wasn’t ruled out.

  3. loved my 20d,gave it to my son-in-law on the birth of my
    grandaughter. loved my 30d until it was stolen w/70-200 2.8 lens mounted. Aways suspected the thief was some envious
    nikon owner:) Love my 40d. Can hardly wait for my new 5d which I received order confirmation on from Adorama 9/18/08 4:52 p.m. Wondering how many pre-orders are out there, where I stand in que, how many units will be shipping to Adorama from Canon when they first ship. The drama and tension mounts. Enjoy everyones blatherings. Hope where I
    read somewhere “that due to the high demand and backorder log most folks will be lucky to see one by March” is dead wrong.
    Did I mention my last film camera was a Nikon? Loved it.

  4. I’m hoping that since Adorama has so many pre-orders lined up in advance Canon will send them enough to cover the orders and guarantee sales in a lousy economy.

    Hoping to have my mark 2 before spending Christmas in NY,

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