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5D Mark II Availability – Adorama Again

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Gotta love floating release dates
This was submitted by one of the readers here that has kept me apprised of Adorama’s 5D2 stock.

“Looks like they were foolish enough to let people know that their ETA was end of October.  Passed couple of calls have all been quickly answered that it has now been moved to end of November.  Didn’t have my fingers crossed too much”



10 responses to “5D Mark II Availability – Adorama Again”

  1. Adorama problem.
    Canon always stated, since the announcement, that release date was end of November. Why would it be different for Adorama?

  2. I have pre-ordered from Aden Camera. They’ll receive orders end of November/Early December, which agrees with Canon’s announcement.

  3. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that may have been caused.
    At Adorama we were initially informed – by Canon – that delivery was expected 27th October, and based our subsequent information to customers on this.

    I am unable to comment upon what information was given to other retailers at any point during the past months.

    However, as you are all now aware, Canon revised these estimates.


    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  4. Mine is pre-ordered at Aden Camera and I’m in touch with them on a weekly basis… always the same reply, no firm dates but not before end of November.

    I don’t know how Canon will do it, but they should do their best to sale everything they can before Christmas… they might loose some sells after that with the bad economy.

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