End of October

Adorama was questioned again about availability and they say the end of October again. So that's everyone outside of B&H saying so.

However, don't be surprised if they're as hard to come by as a Wii a Christmas.

In Canada, I'm being told the first third of November for arrival.


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  1. Yes please let us know what you find out about Amazon. I pre-ordered from them on day 2 and have been trying to contact them with no reponse.

  2. Talked to various including Adorama, they said in few weeks so end of Oct but it will be the kit. The body only will come in end of Nov.

  3. Just talked to Dustin (large swedish website) and they said that they expect to deliver (body only) october 21 :-)

    I also asked how many they have sold and he said between 10 and 15, so then I had to ask him how many they are expecting in the first batch and he told me 50…

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