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Hi, I'm currently in Hong Kong and there seems to be quite an abundance of 5Dmk2 in the shops – especially the kit with the 24-105 lens.

It seems with the economic uncertainty, coupled with the blackdot scare, a lot of people have dropped their names from the waiting list. Prices however are still high and most of the reputable stores like Man Shing, Wing Shing and Citi are charging around $20800 HKD ($2683 USD) for the body only and $28000 HDK ($3612 USD) for the kit.

It'd be nice if this slowdown happened in Canada so I could get one. I'm not bitter.

thanks Billy


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  1. I still can’t find one anywhere in Canada. I am number one at the moment on two stores order lists, I have not heard of ANYONE in Canada getting a unit without a pre-order weeks/months ago.

  2. i easily sold mine 5D II order recently for the same price i paid, lucky. i think i won’t bag this camera until all problems are solved and it appears to be satisfactory to most of users.

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