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*UPDATE* 5D Mark II Firmware

This info apparently comes from the Super Meet event in San Francisco. Canon is a sponsor of the event.

This information isn’t official from Canon that I can find.

Not in February…
We’re told the 5D Mark II feature firmware update will not be available in February. Another thing not in line for the firmware is 720p mode.

Thanks Andrew


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  1. How quickly we forget that Canon added MAJOR functionality to the 5D2 video mode after its release. It would be a shame if the 5D2’s capabilities don’t at least match the 7D after the firmware update but Canon is hardly treating 5D2 owners badly.

  2. Wish I bough a Nikon D3s, Did my first shoot with the 5D MKII, swapped from Nikon to Canon (Yes including all the lenses) because I was told by Canon it would shoot in full HD and 60 fps @720p with the firmware update, compared to the 24 fps 720p of the Nikon, (the 1D mkIV was not available yet, when I had the shoot)

    The 5D MkII is crap in low light noise is very bad at 3200 and completely unusable at 6400, specially in video!

    The 5D only works in full auto with video, no manual exposure (Apart from the focus)

    Sound is also a mayor issue, and there is no head phones output and no on screen level display.

  3. When did canon say 720p?

    What i remember is rumors coming out from a picture taken of a screenshot of an example of what the firmware might bring (it being the menu of a DIFFERENT camera)

  4. Because the D3s gives you this? you like the outdated codec of the Nikons too right? and the extra jello. This post makes no sense at all

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