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Expect to see a new firmware update for the 5D Mark II sometime in the first week of April. Expect to see an added feature. I can't say for sure what it is, but it's there.

We all know what most folks want, we'll see if it's delivered.


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  1. That isn’t exactly cheap. I am doing concert photography with an excellent M42 Asahi/Pentax 3.5/200 from ca. 1960, for 50 bucks.
    I also own an M42 OEM branded Tomioka 2.8/135 I got for less than 10, bought with a defective camera.

    Pentax K mount lenses are cheaper too, even though they can be used on modern Pentax DSLRs. I got Chinon 50s (f/1.9 and f/1.4) for 15 or less, and the very good Pentax 2.5/135 for 35.

    Used Nikons are of course cheaper than AF lenses, but they’re among the most expensive manual lens lineups.

  2. Spoke to Canon Netherlands today about 25p firmware fix for the 5DMk2. They’ve had numerous calls about the issue but say they know of no plans from Canon HQ to develop / release any such firmware update. They even agreed with me that it was bizarre to miss out on many thousands of units potentially sold in Europe, but they had no information that anything is in the pipeline. They did mention that such a change might come in a new model, but again, speculative. I put the phone down mystified and stunned.

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