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5D Mark II Firmware Update?

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From our friend at Cinema5D
A new post at the Cinema5D forums talks about a new firmware update for the 5D Mark II.

You can apparently select between 24p, 25p and 30p.

It’s noted that the jello effect may actually get worse in 24p and 25p.

Talk away :….


164 responses to “5D Mark II Firmware Update?”

  1. I usually hate entering these kinds of discussions, but this one seems fun! :)

    I work in an industry that releases software products all the time. I also write iPhone apps on my own time. The truth of the matter is, it is common to release products that cripple or hide functionality. Sometimes you just don’t have time to fully test them before product launch. Sometimes you’re just not sure if you want to release it, or charge more for it later. I personally get sick of people “demanding” features as if they are entitled to them…with that said, everyone is entitled to their opinions! We live in an age where information and communication have been facilitated greatly by technology. These people that demand features are good in the sense that they provide feedback on what the consumer wants…and better yet, it’s free to the developer!

    In this day and age, people expect more for their money, and they expect constant gratification. This is actually anticipated in any product cycle I work on. I am currently working on a product where we are purposely withholding fantastic features, with the sole purpose of trickling them out to end users over time. The reason for this is continued satisfaction with the company. When you keep delivering new features, it keeps customers happy, and makes them think you are listening to their requests.

    We are also withholding features that just aren’t quite ready. The development cycle is always ongoing, and if we miss it for this product, we’ll just add it to a future product.

    Finally, we hold back certain features as a competitive advantage. If we feel we are ahead of the competition already, then we don’t always feel the need to release something that we can charge more for later. If the competition starts gaining ground, we have features that are ready to release, always keeping us ahead.

    Firmware fixes are the same, and I guarantee you Canon is working on all sorts of great firmware updates, features, etc…Some will see the light of day, some will not.

    As for people spouting off about the incredible cost of doing upgrades…that just depends…A company like Canon has (must) all sorts of automated regression testing modules in place to test any new features that might come through any firmware update. That is in place before any product is released. It has to be just in case they have emergency firmware releases that need to go to market immediately.

    The truth of the matter is, we live in an age where it is expected, and common, to get upgrades throughout a product’s lifecycle. My iPhone has been updated many times. DVD players, televisions, game consoles, software, all get updates. It’s expected, both by consumers, and developers.

    At the end of the day, you get what you get,…you are free to complain, you are free to buy other products, and you are free to just be happy with what you already got. I received my 5DmkII yesterday, and am looking forward to it AS IS. With that said, I FULLY anticipate a 24p release on this camera. Not so sure about 720/60p, but I can live without either feature, which is what I bought into when I signed the check for the camera.

  2. Philip Bloom reckons Canon will make some sort of announcement before the 7D but it’s just his personal guess not any insider information.

    quote from;

    “i think they will let us know one way or another. $50 says they will before 7d hits the streets.”

  3. The point of using Nikon lenses was the aperture ring on them when there were no manual controls. Nikon G lenses don’t have this ring, being their latest line with electronic control. I don’t think anyone with half a brain would go out and buy a Nikon G lens for their 5D.

    Hopefully the D700X will have FF and 24/25/30/50/60fps at 1080p. It’s the only way were ever going to see it on the 5D Mark II.

  4. 1080p 60p, that is some serious data output. Would be great to have though. Sadly I doubt Nikon are going to pull a rabbit out of the hat with regards to video, They had their chance with the 300Ds but they blew it. Canon came back with the 7D and ruined their party. I’m sure Canon is preparing ‘knock your socks off’ video for the 1D Mark IV.

  5. Yeah, I meant the higher FPS with 720p. As far as I know, no one has 60FPS @ 1080p in these price ranges and I doubt we’ll see it anytime soon.

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