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*UPDATED* 5D Mark II Firmware Update

Screenshot Image
This image is actually from the 1D Mark IV. So does that cast some doubt on 60fps @ 720p being available in the 5D Mark II firmware update?

thanks Tom

Still 2010

5D Mark II Menu System with new Firmware
5D Mark II Menu System with new Firmware | photo: Planet5D

The new firmware for the 5D Mark II will not only feature 24p, but there will also be a 720p @ 60fps mode.

I neglected reporting on this because I just figured that was a given. I’ve received numerous tips on this.

Can-Do Film Festival
Philip Bloom has announced a film festival focusing on films made with Canon hybrid DSLR’s.

Read more at Planet5D:….


59 responses to “*UPDATED* 5D Mark II Firmware Update”

  1. Sure, world doesn’t stop and people still survive.

    while it is a common practice in the industry, canon’s marketing is very particular about it.

    Everybody and his mother in law knows nobody shoots 1080P with 20 frames. so what is the point in implementing it?

  2. To give it the “full HD” tag. Anyways, there’s a Magic Lantern update to fix it. Just haven’t found it yet.

  3. You may not want to download this firmware update. Don’t forget that you are losing the lower-memory 30p option for VGA.

  4. 1st of all it won’t be out for 4-6 Months, so I doubt anyone will be downloading it for a while.
    where is it announced that VGA 30p is being cut from the menu?

  5. Sorry guys, this isn’t happening.

    This screenshot was from the 1DmkIV. Not the 5DmkII.

    The menu shot was mistakenly attributed.

    The 5DmkII is NOT getting 720p or 60fps.

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