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All Better
Everyone is saying the firmware has fixed the issues. I’ve only had one person comment that the banding issue has also been fixed. The sRaws have to be processed in DPP, so that was the reason for the update to that.

I still have one source saying added features could still be on the table in the next 30-60 days. Don’t hold us to that.

Jessops in Belfast
I finally got the film I wanted for my needs at Jessops in Belfast. Very nice people there. If anyone from the store reads this site, make a comment and I’ll drop a CR T-Shirt off at the store tomorrow. I leave Belfast on Sunday.


9 responses to “5D Mark II Firmware”

  1. “I’ve only had one person comment that the banding issue has also been fixed. The sRaws have to be processed in DPP, so that was the reason for the update to that.”

    I used sRAW1 for the first time the other day, didnt see any banding. Didnt use it before the firmware update at all though. Not sure what you mean they have to be processed in DPP? They loaded OK in lightroom?? I thought the reason for the change to DPP was a modification to the Picture Styles, which resulted in magenta tint to shadows if the DPP was not updated?

  2. Has anybody checked if the burst rate or any of the processing speed is affected as a result of the corrected black dot issue? I am wondering if Canon changed some parameters or if they are actively correcting it in software before writing the raw and jpeg, etc.

  3. Glad to hear you got the film. Jessops in Belfast is a lot bigger than the ones in Londonderry and Ballymena (my two locals – I’m stuck in the middle in Coleraine, about fifty miles north-west of where you were).

    I take it your trip went well?


  4. I still haven’t updated mine, it works fine with the old firmware. I may take some before and after photos if I get the time.

    I am still expecting that Canon will add a 25 fps option, but not until Spring. It will take a lot of testing if they decide to do it. Aperture control is needed to meet their boast of shallow depth of field capability. We will still need to add ND filters to use large apertures, I think its likely that the sensor can’t function well with too much light, so dropping the ISO is likely impractical.

  5. I’ve been shooting video with a manual lens and was surprised to notice that it will slow the shutter speed to 1/8000, in movie mode, if given no other choice (eg: with my lens at f/2.8 and pointed near the sun). It seems the defaults with an automatic lens weigh heavily towards motion blur and deep depth of fields. There is no technical limit forcing this, such as electronic shutter speed. So, manual controls would definitely be useful.

    Slightly untwisting the lens is always a manual wide-open solution, albeit dangerous. ;) One can even change lenses mid-video this way, for the adventurous. NDs certainly help with more natural-looking motion blur, of course. Maybe back-to-back polarizers would work as an “adjustable iris” in a pinch…

    At least the diffraction limits at the small apertures it does tend to pick (eg: f/16, f/22) really aren’t ever going to reduce sharpness due to the reduced resolution at 1080p.

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