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I received this information from a Henry's contact in regards to the 5D2 and how initial shipments MAY be sold in Canada.

Firstly, the 5D Mark II is the most preordered camera in Canon's history. Initial shipment forecasts have been miles off. This is great news for Canon for sure. Not great for the consumers.

The Bad News
Canon Canada could be looking at a way on how to distribute the low initial stock “fairly”. A couple of ideas being kicked around are.

1) The 5D2 can only be sold by pro dealers. Henrys, Aden, Vistek, Downtown Camera… etc etc. This would eliminate selling in mom & pop stores as well as Best Buy & Future Shop.

2) There might be a criteria that CPS & pro photographers get the first batch of cameras. Nikon did this with the D3, dealers were basically forced to implement Nikon's requirements.

*Note: I have no opinion as to whether or not #2 is fair or a good idea. Just writing what I'm being told.

3) Canon doesn't expect quantity to meet demand until SPRING 2009.

4) Canon might give exclusivity to one store chain in each province.

5) The camera may only be distributed to major urban centers across the country.

All these thoughts are purely for Canadian customers. I cannot find anyone in the US or Europe that has heard the same thing.

Some of this may seem out there, however there really could be some truth to it. The camera has truly exceeding Canon's expectations.


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