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5D Mark II & How it will be Sold [CR3]

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From the school of Nikon Canada
I received this information from a Henry’s contact in regards to the 5D2 and how initial shipments MAY be sold in Canada.

Firstly, the 5D Mark II is the most preordered camera in Canon’s history. Initial shipment forecasts have been miles off. This is great news for Canon for sure. Not great for the consumers.

The Bad News
Canon Canada could be looking at a way on how to distribute the low initial stock “fairly”. A couple of ideas being kicked around are.

1) The 5D2 can only be sold by pro dealers. Henrys, Aden, Vistek, Downtown Camera… etc etc. This would eliminate selling in mom & pop stores as well as Best Buy & Future Shop.

2) There might be a criteria that CPS & pro photographers get the first batch of cameras. Nikon did this with the D3, dealers were basically forced to implement Nikon’s requirements.

*Note: I have no opinion as to whether or not #2 is fair or a good idea. Just writing what I’m being told.

3) Canon doesn’t expect quantity to meet demand until SPRING 2009.

4) Canon might give exclusivity to one store chain in each province.

5) The camera may only be distributed to major urban centers across the country.

All these thoughts are purely for Canadian customers. I cannot find anyone in the US or Europe that has heard the same thing.

Some of this may seem out there, however there really could be some truth to it. The camera has truly exceeding Canon’s expectations.


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  1. Canon, as is usual, is approaching selling the 5DMk2 very conservatively. Without a doubt, their factory is running at full capacity. There is no micro-management or trying to limit supply. Because of consumer response, they have a guaranteed high-profit stream of income that they can bank on (and factor against if necessary) well into 2009. They’ve spent their R&D money and can count on their return.

    To build new factories, to have built up extra inventory, etc., would have cost money that in this economic environment they can ill afford. No reason to think any of that would pass through their corporate mind.

    So, all Canon is doing is trying to be as fair (in their eyes) as they can to the pros who will buy their next pro camera. Canon apparently thinks, “Why not get this pro camera into pro hands first?” They are the bread a butter of this niche market; they buy the lens; they buy second bodies; they buy all the accessories.

    Okay, not my idea of fair, but ce la vie! If I have the annoying bad luck of getting my 5DMk2 in March instead of November, they will just have to wait until then before I buy my 16-35mm zoom, too. I’m not switching to Nikon this late in the game with all the glass I own… and, well, Canon knows that, too.

  2. Just went to a political gathering today (we’re back in election in Quebec). There was 5 pros taking pictures… 4 had Nikon and 1 had Canon. The funniest part though, all 4 Nikon guys had two bodies around their neck and the Canon guy had only one… Just found that interesting that in my 3 unofficial survey (and non-scientific) Nikon won the game number. It’s good for us Canon folks, because there is real competition, but it’s a bit sad to see such a leader being reach that easily (ok, Nikon worked hard, but they are really close). Hopefully, we will all get our new 5D in a timely manner and we will be able to laugh at Nikon folks by Christmas… I’m tired of seeing friends with their new Nikon bodies… I want mine to. Period.

  3. By the time it’s available, there may be a lot of people looking at the US economic down turn and re-evaluating buying a camera that costs almost $3K. There may be a lot of people backing out of buying it. I’m really on the fence at this point. The original 5D is starting to sound like an option… especially if I have to wait 6 months. I already sold my backup camera in anticipation. I can’t keep showing up to paid gigs with just one camera…

  4. I just got a called from Michael’s in Melbourne, Australia
    They confirmed the price with Canon Australia:
    5D2 body = $3999 inc. GST
    5D2 + 24-105L kit = $5399 inc. GST

    They got 3 shipments, apparently 10 each
    one is for End of Nov delivery, then End of Dec, then January 2009

    & they claimed that “most” of the 5D2 shipment to Australia, is coming to Michael’s Melbourne (i find it hard to believe though)

    so yey .. i am getting my 5D + kit end of november/early december

    PS: A$3999 is pretty cheap considering our falling AUD vs USD (they are selling USD2699 @ B&H = AUD4050 + gst + duty if u buy it direct)

  5. Henry’s sales people I have experienced in Ottawa, are self-serving, rumour mongers. Their favorite target is Galaxy Camera in Ottawa. Since April they have had a campaign of telling customers that;

    “Galaxy is bankrupt..”
    “Galaxy is closed …”
    “Galaxy sells grey market”
    “Henry’s has bought Galaxy”

    This has even extended to an e-mail (not from Henry’s directly) sent to members of the RA Photo Club” echoing that same line.

    Henry’s Bank Steet, is pretty much a Nikon shop, staffed with arrogant sales people like PW, who if you aren’t going to buy $10K plus of Nikon gear will walk away from you. In fact I quit buying at Henry’s Ottawa because I despise being talked down to (again PW) My favourite crack of his was reference that he was a pro,stating his words; “I am a professional photographer!” well.. actually he is a middle-aged man working in a camera store!

    I doubt any of the sales floor level Henry’s staff are privy to any actual Canon allocation plans, as they are not involved in purchasing.

    Sounds like they are trying to keep people out of the local shops.

    “1) The 5D2 can only be sold by pro dealers. Henrys, Aden, Vistek, Downtown Camera… etc etc. This would eliminate selling in mom & pop stores as well as Best Buy & Future Shop.”

    FutureShop IMHO never sold pro-level cameras, they would always go popular.

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