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I have yet to handle a production 5D Mark II (boo), so I have no first hand knowledge of the issue. What about the ones of you that have?

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  1. Drfl,

    Sorry to here about Amazon. Try to give Profeel.com a call. They are very helpful in informing you when you might expect your product. I have canceled all my pre-orders and worked with Profeel. My order was placed on Wed, November 26 with Profeel. They called me to confirm my order and told me when to expect my tracking number. I receive my tracking number on Friday Dec. 5th. 5Dmk2 (body) will arrive this week. I did a check on the company via BBB, Reseller-rating, eOpinion, and consumer report which all had positive feedback. The only catch here is a deposit down. I actually paid-in-full to prevent any further delay. This is a local dealer in New York and it beat out (in my opinion) B&H (which I can’t even place an order), Adorama (list #923), OneCall (list #56), and Calumet (list #100+). Sorry I never buy from a product of this type from a non-photography retailer. Especially Amazon who uses 3rd Party retailers. Too many hands in the transaction results to an increase in transaction problems.

    Best of luck. So you will have your 5Dmk2!

  2. Yeah, I think the poll is also missing a “can’t be bothered to check cause I don’t care if my 5dmk2 has black spots” option :^D

  3. Why do I get the feeling this black dot issue is going to be just like the autofocus ruckus with the 1D? Canon will deny there’s a problem, like no one else can see the big elephant standing in the room with them…
    Here’s to hoping it’s a simple firmware fix, as a recall to address this issue would be a disaster!

  4. bummer, my copy of the 5D Mark II has the black plague, too.

    It is most noticeable in this image when viewed 1:1. One characteristic of the problem is that the dots appear always to the right of the highlight (unless shot vertical), strange. You can see it in this image if you view the full-size shot:


    I also checked files from my 20D and don’t see the same behavior so from my perspective this is a new feature.

    (cross posted in “A Fix for the 5D Mark II Black Dots? *UPDATED*”) http://www.canonrumors.com/2008/12/08/a-fix-for-5d-mark-ii-black-dots/

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