You should be ok
I'm told by a couple of readers that Henry's is saying there will probably be a price increase on the 5D2. However, current preorders should be safe from the price increase.

I'll keep inquiring about this.


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  1. Canon are aware that the North American Market share will be less in 2009 than this present year, as are other manufactures of digital cameras. To complicate the financial mix there is the huge devaluation of the yen. This is complex,
    and I question the response by Canon Corp. Is it a exaggerated reaction by Canon that has not been truly evaluated as to the actual impact on the North American Market and ultimate customer satisfaction ? – (which of course is the real bottom line)

    Canon Corp may be right / but then again we hope they have overreacted and will reconsider their position.

  2. I wrote Canon my disappointment and all they could say is:

    Thank you for your E-mail inquiry.

    On September 17th, 2008, Canon Canada issued a press release only announcing the new EOS 5D Mark II. As stated in the press release, the new camera was anticipated to launch at an estimated retail selling price of $2799.99 (body only). As is often the case, the announcement of a new product often precedes the availability of the product and as such, pricing is estimated and subject to change as was noted in the press release. Most often, pricing remains as described but on occasion pricing has been adjusted up or down based on more accurate information at time of shipping. In this particular case, the EOS 5D Mark II was adjusted upwards.

    Some Canadian retailers may have been requesting deposits from consumers to reserve product. Please understand that Canon Canada had still not confirmed the market price of the camera and was only able to do so as of October 31st, 2008. While we understand there are some disappointed Canon customers, the suggested retail price is confirmed to be as follows:

    Configuration Suggested Retail Price
    EOS 5D Mark II Body $ 3099.99*
    EOS 5D Mark II w/ 24-105 LISU Kit $ 3949.99*

    *Even though Canon may suggest retail prices, dealers may always sell for less.

    Customer Information Centre
    Canon Canada Inc.

  3. In a nutshell what Canon is saying we recognize an oppotunity to destroy peoples ambition to move up to a dslr or aneven better dslr. As such have taken the “bend over and take it” marketing approach because they assume we are that desperate during a global crisis. I cancelled my order immediately after the increase with tax the increase does not justify the wait of maybe getting this camera in the spring.

  4. To add to the last comment. Anyone notice how the biggest increase is on the Canon 5D mark II. Funny how the other cameras did not even increase one cent.

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