From a reader

The reader was told there was a Canadian price increase coming on the

This would mean all Canadian preorders would end up costing more.

I'll try to find more info.


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  1. i just got to know from a little bird that Canon malaysia will increase the price and delay till end dec 08 or jan 09. the thing about Canon malaysia is it did not declare the price when it was launched. it says it will be a special price for those pre-book early birds. now it’s not so special anymore i guess.

  2. Yes Charles Rob is right – the issue is contract agreement – All I have to do is how the original sales order with no disclaimers on price changes, that enacted a deposit from my credit card at the time of order, couple that wil a bill of final sale for the new price and voila Canon and the co-conspirator authorized reseller owes me the difference, I exit stage left with my money and they fight out who owes who bewteen themselves, I think Canon would playt he heavy and screw the reseller for fear of not supplying them.

    Also – follow this one:
    -Canon Canada has a corporate and consumer division
    -both are urn by the same management at the top of the food chain
    -both divisions of canon Canada have use of the same lawyers?
    -both are not ignorant of what the other is doing – yet
    the corporate division (rep i spoke to directly – consumer rep stopped answering the phone the day the increase occurred – i spoke to him the day before) was surprised to learn my invoice from an authorized reseller for a consumer product did not have a price increase disclaimer – it is legally required to avoid this exact issue
    – Canon is aware of ordering things at futures prices –

    I believe Canon Canada has received delivery of stock at the prices they previoiusly agreed upon from their international supplier (US) and are needlessly (because it is not costing them more) increasing the price to us for unrelated reasons – merely to increase profit fo rhteir own benefit, and are scapegoating the economic conditoins as a cover to effectively steal (by using the unfair advantage of their psotion to gain the upper hand – illegal) an additional $300. not because it costs them more, but because we are willing to pay it

    then they are confusing the issues further by citing the legality of a disclaimer they failed to have the authorized resellers employ, my receipt says nothing about price increases – i depositsed to gaurantee delivery at an agreed upon price.

    Do you think they all got just a little too excited at the potential profitability and forgot to cover their rears if that is what is normally done in the corporate side (if economy truly is an issue) or ….. or are they just on crack to think Canadian’s would do nothing about Canon’s attempt to break a contractual obligation
    (or is it the reseller’s obligaiton or both – who is driving this – they were all excited when the initial response was good to pre-orders motnhs ago)

    In the end the polite “f” you attitude inthe response letter to Rob at
    (where the contractual implications were ignored and the issues weer not addressed – avoided)

    shows you

  3. Do not let them steal your money and your integrity – you owe it to yourself not to allow them to walk all over you and enable them to believe they can continue to do this – if you do not stand up to this you are probably jsut taking the easy way out – in the end an irresponsible and selfish thing to do…

    Demand they honour the original price, never cancel the pre-order under no circumstance s- you ca either leave it open undelievered and in breach of contract or you can pay the levy and then submit to small claims the preorder sales receipt with the deposit stub (my credit card transactoin proof) and the n the delivery receipt – proof you have been wronged legally.

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