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I like real world impressions from people. Sometimes review sites get a bit too blase when doing reviews. It's bound to happen when you do 100 of them a year!

I also can't seem to get my hands on a production model, so this is all I have to go on.


Thanks for the link sfwrtr

Canon Software
A reader sent in a comment with something that annoys him with Canon.

“What about canon software? Its about time they release a bundle that is upgradeable by the click of a button like all other softwares. Who is not sick of looking through the website for the correct update. come on lets make this happen!!”

Canon Rumors agrees.

DXO Sensor Testing
A reader (our new Nikon guy!) has sent in some impressions about DXO's sensor testing and what is inside Nikon & Sony cameras.


“Now check the D3 (D700) sensor and the Sony A900. Close enough in performance to be identical. D3 (D700) and A900 use the same sensor but use different processing, hence the insignificant difference. How can a 12MP and a 24MP have identical performance? Hmm, if the sensors used in the cameras were identical then the performance would be identical. The D3X uses the same Sony 24MP FF sensor as the D3 and when DXO gets a D3X the test result will be the same. D3 = A900 = D3X. How have your search results gone for a Sony 12MP FF Cmos Sensor?”

To answer your question, I've found nothing about a FF 12mp Sony Sensor. I keep hearing from various sources that Sony is manufacturing Nikon designed sensors. I'm not sure if I'm fully behind the idea that a Sony sensor factory is producing stuff that Sony can't use. That just isn't a very Sony thing to do. :)

Switzerland Pricing
Apparently the Swiss think so highly of the original 5D, they have priced it accordingly!

Pricing Link

5D – 3115 CHF = $2554 USD
5D Mark II – 2982 CHF = $2445 USD

Thanks Marcel


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