There are 2 different forum threads speaking of the issue with black dots and other oddities.

Thread 1 iStock

Thread 2 DPR


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  1. They don’t appear on mine. My first impression is that the high iso is just STUNNING. I was shooting on a film set which was using low powered tungsten lights yesterday so I was at iso2500 and it just blew me away. I would happily use that any day. I just peeped those shots closer and i cant see those black artifacts anywhere… i was shooting RAW

  2. don’t appear on mine thankfully. Amazing camera! And my extra battery and grip came in today. yea!

  3. can’t wait to hear response from canon about this. it’s weird that canon could not see this problem before they launch the product.

  4. Mine was bought from a local dealer in Titusville, Florida.
    I haven’t shot anything over 6400 but my images are impressively clean, jpeg and raw.

    I’d like to know what speed cards these images are being written to.

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