There are 2 different forum threads speaking of the issue with black dots and other oddities.

Thread 1 iStock

Thread 2 DPR


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  1. I noticed the black dots on only 2 of my images, but very slight. HOwever, I noticed that when shooting an image, the left hand side of the images have blurred or unsharp areas.
    Unbelieveable. How can this happen? Check your cameras for the same pls.

  2. I returned the crappy 50D a month ago. I preordered the 5D2 from Ritz 3 months ago and when they shipped it on Monday, Fedex lost it!
    I think it’s a sign. I am sticking with my 1DIII which is still the best and a REAL professional camera.
    I am NOT going to get a 5D2… Canon is messing up big time and they are paying for it. Unfortunately Nikon’s D3X is the best camera in the world right now with their proven quality at a price, of course. But the D3 beats the 1DIII in speed and quality as well.
    Too bad I am not going to bail out on Canon just yet. But they better get their act together or they are going to keep losing customers…
    I can’t wait for a 1D replacement ASAP. Canon needs it and PRO’s need it.
    If things keep going like this, next Olympics or next World Cup all you are gonna see is big Black Telephoto Lenses…


  3. This is not a camera issue but processing issue, under certain conditions even D3,D700 exhitbit the same pattern

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