There are 2 different forum threads speaking of the issue with black dots and other oddities.

Thread 1 iStock

Thread 2 DPR


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  1. So if Canon need to repair this , will this be a firmware job ? or a recall job ?

    If it’s a recall i’m assuming a full refund will be in order ?

  2. I sent Canon an email regarding this issue. I am still waiting on my 5D2 to show up and wanted to know if they knew anything about the issue. They claim they have NOT received any complaints and said they did not have the time to read the mulitple threads center around this topic. Grrr!! I think I successfully got a support person with an attitude… So I am now waiting for their next response as I told them that was unacceptable answer. So my suggestion is if anyone is having problems with the black dots, to kindly send canon support an email with your photo. The only way this will be address is if canon gets a flood of emails… Here the link… https://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=SupportMailerAct&fcategoryid=215&modelid=17662

    Also I like to suggest that CR post an entry on the main page of the site suggesting that customers who are seeing black spots, to send Canon an email. Thanks.

  3. I did re-examine one of the 5D MK II beta photos that was available on the internet in both jpeg and raw at various ISO’s. Available Here (Huge File) http://www.akihabaranews.com/en/news-16901-Akiba+Interactive+Review:+Cannon's+5D+Mark+II+(beta)+RAW+Pictures+by+Night.html

    It is a night shot with lots of bright lights. In all cases, I viewed them at 100%. They were not visible when reduced to screen size (24″ screen)

    In the jpeg out of camera shots, I could see the black spots on a few lights. The very high ISO settings had them the most, 6400, 12800 and 25600.

    I then converted the raw files using Adobe ACR, and the black dots were also quite visible as square black pixels, much worse at high ISO’s.

    I then tried DPP, and right away noticed that they were less visible, but still there(NR at 0).

    Finally, I tried sharpraw pro, and the dots were also visible.

    Just to see what would happen, In DPP, I turned off auto lighting optimizer and put noise reduction of 8 luminance and 4 color and they disappeared. When I activated the autolighting optimizer, they came back slightly. At ISO 6400 and higher, a little noise reduction seems normal in any event.

    For this photo, the black pixels were extremely minor and since very high ISO noise was a lot worse, using NR made them go away. Until I get my camera and do my own tests, I am not yet convinced that they are a problem.

  4. Here are some pictures processed from RAW and taken at ISO ranging from 800 to 3200.


    Viewed at 100% crop, the black spots can be seen in certain high exposure areas like the light bulbs on the Christmas tree. However, not all high exposure areas show this “black spot” symptom. Seems like they only appear under certain conditions. In any case, i hope that Canon is working on something to solve this problem

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