Send me your unboxing photos!
When you get your 5D2, send me your unboxing photos of the camera. I will post them here and we can make a lot of people jealous together. :)

Send photos to: [email protected]


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  1. Dean: Saw your video clip! Pretty cool! I tried the link you gave me but it said “page not found”. Could you send it again? I wouldn’t mind getting the $292 back!

    Igor? WOW! Ritz really messed this whole process up for sure. I am so glad you shared the Best Buy tip! I took my camera with me down to the beach this past weekend and got some awesome sunrise pictures and moon pictures. It was great in low light. I don’t know if you experienced any problems…but I use Adobe Photo Essentials 7.0 and had a hard time downloading pics – until I went to their website and downloaded the update to Camera Raw 5.2. Finally got it to work – and also it updates for the G10 too which I also have.

    I am still waiting for the Lightroom 2.2 update – they said it should be coming sometime this month so if you use that software you may want to check back at their website.

    Thinking of investing in the CS4. Any insights? Let me know what you think.


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