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5D Mark II – The Real World

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There have been more than a few people disputing the claim I received by the Bui Brothers!

To be honest, it is the first time I’ve had someone claim such a thing.

For example, here’s a commercial for the Florida Marlins shot with the 5D2.

Thanks Will

So for now, I have no idea what the answer is to the trivia question. I apologize for the misinformation.

The Bui Brothers do it first…
A J!INX clothing commercial will become a camera geek trivia answer in the future. The entire commercial is shot with the Canon 5D Mark II. That makes it the first US commercial to be shot 100% with the camera.

You can read about it at their blog.…..

thanks Lan


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  1. I have had the XSi for about 3 months now and I am thouroughly impressed with it. This is my first DSLR and I was a little wary about going with a brand-new and untested camera, but I have always like Canon (I used an ELAN II in High School and I bought a SD600 about 2 years ago to take snapshots of my son). Overall, I have not been disappointed with the quality of the photos that the XSi produces. The IS lens works great and I have taken some pretty amazing photos (for me at least). I do have just a couple of issues, both good and bad, that I think those who are looking at buying this may want to know.

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