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5D Mark II – User Review

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From Adam
You can read Adam’s thoughts on the camera here. It’s a good read.


7 responses to “5D Mark II – User Review”

  1. You are correct, this review is the most interesting I’ve read so far. I like the way the reviewer compares the MkII with other bodies based on field use. I am told I should get mine today so, in the meantime, I have been keeping myself entertained by all the reviews out there.

  2. Excellence review!

    Claude, despite all the disappointing things about the 5Dmk2, you will be very surprise of the other wonderful improvement on the camera. I was able to take some wonderful pictures under normal condition. However, I had to basically experiment the best settings (aperture, shutter, ISO, W/B, etc) on the 5Dmk2 for a clear sharp image based on the glass used. The 40D I knew exactly what setting to use from the get go. But, taking on this beast took a little more time because of the wide range of features I had to learn.

    Overall, I love the 5Dmk2 and looking forward to more wonderful pictures.

    By the way, love your portrait pictures. Great job.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Indeed, a very honest and unbiased review with rather accurate information. I am rather surprised and disappointed that Canon has not been able to make better progress in the sensor dynamic range department.

  4. @ Chris L. Thanks. Where I’m coming from (D60!!!) anything will be a HUGE improvement. Merry Christmas
    BTW my camera has not arrived due to some delays in shipments from Toronto :-(

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