From akihabaranews:
Looks like some great results with a lot less polish that previous videos.



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  1. sure :)

    DFI Lanparty LT x48 motherboard
    hardware raid 5 (highpoint 3510 with 4 750gb drives – don’t remember which…. I think Hitachi….)
    Intel Q9300 cpu @2.75 ghz (stock is 2.5)
    8gb (4-2gb ddr2-1000 – also don’t remember who’s)
    Nvidia 8600 gt

    I think that’s all the important stuff…

  2. You will need lots of high end equipment and software. I have a quad core dell, fast hard drive, good video card, etc and it struggles with HD video.

  3. MacBook Air is the thinnest, but also the slowest of all MacBooks… Work with any $1299 iMac or better off the new MacBooks… No problems with HD at all…

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