It's really true
I have confirmed March 22, 2012 as the for sale date in both Canada and the United States. Cameras will arrive before that date to retailers, but cannot be sold until then.

It's also rumored Canon will regulate the price of this camera starting in May. Which means, there will be a certain price point that a retailer cannot go below to sell the camera. This sort of regulation will also make such things advertising “free” things to bundle with the camera not allowed. This is good for retailers if true.

Availability in Late March
Below are the items that will be available for purchase in late March.

Availability in Late April
Below are the accessories for the 5D Mark III that will become available in late April.

Keep in mind, it may not be mass availability. However, most preorders should get filled relatively quickly. I'm told stock is quite good for the 5D Mark III.

More ISO Samples
Check out Imaging Resource for ISO samples from the 5D Mark III.


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