Lots of excitement
There is a ton of excitement for the new 5D Mark III, I'd still call the response overwhelming and completely beyond whatever I expected.

B&H, Adorama and Amazon are beginning preorder shipments this week. B&H has said they should be able to fill all preorders with their first 2 shipments of cameras.

Lots of places in the UK and Asia have reported having stock. I've even seen stock in Canada. Lots of smaller retailers are also emailing with stock notices.

I apologize I cannot link every store that has copies of the camera available for sale. I can't be responsible for  the crazy amount of phone calls a retailer would get because of a link here. I appreciate every retailer that has let me know you have stock, and I highly doubt you're going to have much issue getting rid of your allotment of 5D Mark III's.

B&H and Adorama both assure me shipments are going out this week, and both have a lot of inventory coming in. Amazon is a bit faceless and I have no idea what they'll have for stock. I do expect a lot though, especially since they haven't stopped preorders.

I'll update as I know more.


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