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*UPDATE* 5D Mark III [CR1]

First rumor!
I’ve been told today that internally Canon has bumped the 5D Mark III launch deadline ahead about 6 months. With the limitations of the Mark II as far as adding features via firmware (more on that in a second), Canon feels the camera needs an update to utilize the features of current dSLR’s.

The email said we can rest assured that Canon will not be on a 3 year product cycle for the 5D line. The source went on to say the 3D is a myth, there are no plans for it currently. The 5D Mark III would get the full frame and 7D autofocus system and a better featureset for video.

720p & 60fps
A clarification. I’m told that Canon is omitting 720p and 60fps from the 5D Mark II firmware update. The firmware update will have the 24/25p update.

Before people start cancelling orders. I still think this is a late 2010/early 2011 camera and the rumor is CR1.


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  1. So this rumors might be launched by someone on purpose…but why ? From who? It’s the interest of Nikon users to see the success of Video in Canon’s cameras, and some very good sales in Lenses such as the F4 line (17-40, 24-105…),these are the really missing features, and Nikon will probably issue these lenses this year. It’s the interest of Canon user to see switching and Nikon getting shares because the business managers will be forced to invest more R&D, and check more boxes for Canon new cameras…Unfortunately, I cannot see any reason why this rumors would have been launched by canon side…make Nikon react? It’s already on the way. But from someone with interest in Nikon gears…yes : Force Nikon to even more buff the cameras to come…

  2. Dariel, I am more guilty than most on the subject of long posts, but you seriously need to get your own blog!

  3. 19 AF points like the 7D sounds good, but the actual frame coverage of the 7D AF system doesn’t seem to be any higher than the XXDs (or Rebels, for that matter). Extrapolating on to the 5D series, this would still leave a small cluster of (albeit better) AF points in the centre.

  4. a 7Ds would make sense and leave room for a 5D III

    In other words – a 7Ds with low 21 MPixel and better AF + high ISO performance would leave room for an introduction of a 5D III with 3X Megapixel and more quality and resolution oriented.

    I’d personally never go for a 7Ds because I neither need better ISO performance nor better AF because both are absolutely perfect for my work style – yet I’d like to see much more resolution – printing big the 5D II is really fine but it could be finer – I hope that Canon is not leaving the success path of raising the bar for all other brands – no other Camera manufacturer offers such an amazing setup – I’d love to add a 3X Megapixel body to my TS-E 17 :-)

  5. OK. Game over.

    RedScarlet FF is coming…. [Summer 2010] .

    ……CANON and NIKON again be….Photo + plus video “comsumer” “comsumer” “comsumer” “comsumer” “comsumer” “comsumer”

    5DM2 , 1DM4….expected decreases sales 50% .

    sorry, my English is very bad [google traslator]


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