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*UPDATE* 5D Mark III [CR1]

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First rumor!
I’ve been told today that internally Canon has bumped the 5D Mark III launch deadline ahead about 6 months. With the limitations of the Mark II as far as adding features via firmware (more on that in a second), Canon feels the camera needs an update to utilize the features of current dSLR’s.

The email said we can rest assured that Canon will not be on a 3 year product cycle for the 5D line. The source went on to say the 3D is a myth, there are no plans for it currently. The 5D Mark III would get the full frame and 7D autofocus system and a better featureset for video.

720p & 60fps
A clarification. I’m told that Canon is omitting 720p and 60fps from the 5D Mark II firmware update. The firmware update will have the 24/25p update.

Before people start cancelling orders. I still think this is a late 2010/early 2011 camera and the rumor is CR1.


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  1. I use canon, there are just toys! Why can’t this company wake up and see what the are really doing to everyone. All a camera needs is ISO, shutter speed and a good well built body. every thing they make under 6000 aud is just plastic! It’s @?!#ed. yeah yeah made in japan what every! I have waited for the 5d mk3and they release the 7d!!? Why not make the 5d mk3 with a really built quality in the body, faster shutter 6-8 per sec, better LCD.
    I love the ads on YouTube about how canon listens to us the people buying the cameras, as if they did!!!! 5d mk3 will just be 7d with a full frame sensor!
    Canon!! Stop trying toake million from us and make good camera like you use too! If mr Honda was still alive he would get rid of all the cars they make. If the founders of canon where alive i’m sure they would bin all the hunk they are making now. I don’t want to start a fight over canon and other companies but if they ( canon) don’t start fix things and making really product for the really world I and many many others will jump ship and swim to greater lands.

    Canon wake up to your self!! Real product for the real world. Forget the plastic, you put it on everything. That’s so £€#%. you can’t do so much better!

  2. It’s not all about equipment, I know. But face it, you won’t get Pro-Style wedding shots with a point-and-click.

  3. Last night, my husband, who owns the 5D, told me in a couple of weeks he will be ready to buy a M II for me, as I’m in my 6th year of using a 20D.

    So, I’m not whining, I’m not frantic, I just would like to know if you guys think the powers that be will wait until autumn to release the M III? Would love to have it by the time we hit Glacier in September.

  4. I’d like to know too as I am ready to move up from 5D and wanted the expanded ISO, greater MP and video capability.

    Now after reading all this I wonder if I should cancel my order and wait. I don’t want to be buying a product that will be updated in a few months to 30MP and higher ISO with absolutely no issue of noise at any level.

    There are times when I find something interesting in an exposure that was not the main subject and would be nice to blow up. Higher MP would make this better. When will this end and what is the maximum MP possible?

    What to do? Yes, I know the 5DM2 is a great camera and will produce tremendous results but I still don’t want to find out my camera has been replaced with a better version for less cost in a month from now. Yes, I should have bought the 5DM2 when it was introduced and I would not be so concerned. I would have had years of usage before being updated.

  5. Hi all, I’m new to this blog very interested in reading about all your different views on the art of photography. I’m somewhat fortunate in that I was born into a photographic family dad was a war photo/correspondent WWII.
    Anyway grew up playing with Leica etc always had lots of camera around spent most of my life in darkrooms waiving my hands over paper and smelling noxious fumes.
    Things have changed for the better and we should all be very grateful for that. I say get out there take heaps of photos sell em buy heaps of gear and take more photos, and keep having fun when you can.
    Happy shooting to you all….

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