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5D X or Mark III Specs & Release Date? [CR1]

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5D X / 5D Mark III
The last week has been insane for rumors. I have had more than 150 “tips” sent in and going through them all has been lots of fun. The variance in information is wider than I’ve ever seen it previously.

More stuff
Below is a spec list I received last week. It goes along with various other sources in regards to release date and specs.

  • 5D X
  • 22 mp
  • 61pt AF with DIGIC 4
  • 6.9 FPS
  • DIGIC 5 (Doesn’t say DIGIC 5+)
  • Announcement February 28
  • + with 3 lens
  • Available April $2700

With Nikon announcing on February 7, 2012, and most thinking it’ll be the D800. I expect some kind of a camera to be announced by Canon within a month. If they can get these things shipping by April, a lot of wedding photographers will be happy.

We’ve seen one report about an October ship date for the 5D Mark III. If it’s not the 5DX/Mark III coming in the next month or so, then something else will be.


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