Lots of variables.
There is lots of stuff flooding in about the 5D3, 1Ds4 and 1D5.

1D Mark V
It's been said before, but a new 1D in 2011. Announced in the June/July timeframe. Full frame this time around.

5D Mark III
I received 2 different announcement dates. September timeframe and in the 28mp range from a decent source and 30mp and June from an unknown source.

1Ds Mark IV
Another person in the camp of the 1Ds4 being in 2012. 40+ mp and announced in very late 2011 or early 2012. The gist of the comment was the “1Ds” moniker will be discontinued.

CR's Take
Stuff is starting to flow in again, there will be some truths buried in all of it. A camera announcement of some kind is on the near horizon. As always, I'll keep digging.



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