Small business owners from around the world (me included) have been waiting all year for today—the launch date of the largest and most highly discounted business resource bundle!

It’s The Complete Business & Marketing Bundle by 5DayDeal and it has been 2 years since the last one! That means they’ve spent two full years compiling the best business courses and tools around to help businesses like yours succeed in 2020. Trust me, you're going to be blown away by what they’ve put together!

The resources come from top brands, successful business owners, and industry experts who really ‘get it’. They are very familiar with the challenges small businesses face at every stage and have developed resources to get you to where you want to be faster and with less of a struggle.

The sale ends March 10th at 12:00 PM (noon) PDT. That means, if you miss out, it will be at least another year before you have the chance to get another business and marketing bundle this prolific. 

Take your business to new heights this year! Learn from the best of the best.

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  1. Description of contents as vague as I've ever seen. And we "gain entrance" to courses? Sorry, but there are local charities which are accountable, and which produce visible results.
  2. This really smells like a scam, it is odd to see this kind of promotion on this site.

    I wouldn't call it that if it is run by the folks who started "5 Day Deal." But over time they might have run out of juicy offers. There are only so many recognizable photo personalities, and those photographers can only give away so much and still make a living. Plus, when it comes to business tips and motivation, besides all the very good free videos online, for photography in America there is the PPA and WPPI, plus local networking. And then there is the local library; ours is amazing for business and management material.

    What I was trying to say in my above post is that, without something tempting and clearly described, charities are competing against better known organizations nationally, and against local organizations that often involve friends, family, and colleagues. Or churches, fire departments, etc. So the the "deal" should be pretty good to attract donations, otherwise, people with a giving mindset have so many other better known and closer to home options.

    Again, I wouldn't accuse anybody of anything less than 100% honorable, but this round seems a bit vague and not as well thought out. Just one gorilla's two cents worth of opinion.
  3. As I can see, it's a year of some cloud storage (with the price slightly lower than the list price) bundled with lots of stuff that I would personally call "freebies".
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