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60D Spec List [CR1.5]

Coming this fall
A different 60D spec list. I’ve heard from this source previously. I’m going back into the depths of the CR email archive to see what they’ve said in the past.

15.1 megapixels
ISO 100-25600
7 fps
Digic V
Movie-mode: 1080p with 30 and 24fps
build in GPS for geo-tagging
only a SD-card slot (no CF)
148x109x75mm and 738g

From the email: “rest like VF and display still the same like 50D. Just some buttons are on other positions and have other functions.”


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  1. Re: GPS comments: I bought a Qstarz BT-Q1000X GPS tracker and carry it on a small ring attached to the left shoulder-strap-stud on my 40D. Recently used it during a four-week bird-photo trip, and it worked without any hassle. It is very light, so not noticeable to carry on the camera (especially considering I carry 100-400 and the battery pack on the 40D). USB2 connection for data and to recharge. The software comes with a learning curve, but does the job. It does, among other things, coordinate with Google Earth, write exif into photos, allow correction of date/time stamp if camera and GPS tracker were not correctly time coordinated, etc. Well worth the 100-bucks I paid for it. And, if you want a GPS tracker but don’t need to carry the camera, just unhook it from the ring and hook to your belt … or whatever.

  2. What’s the expected timeframe for the 50D successor? the 50D was announced in Aug-08, but I don;t know if canon is on a 12 or a 18 month cycle anymore

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