Helen Oster issues an apology:

Actually, I have a BIG apology; I completely mis-read an email from our purchasing department. We have NO official notification that this is discontinued – we just can't get any at the moment.

I do apologize for any misunderstanding or concern that this has caused.
Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador
[email protected]

From Adorama

*Poof* and I'm gone!
*Poof* and I'm gone!

Helen Oster, the Adorama customer service ambassador has confirmed that the 70-200 f/2.8L IS has been discontinued.

No word on the replacement.

Hopefully this isn't some kind of inside joke I don't know about.

From DPR

CR's Take
I placed a call to Canon Canada's national order desk and they have none in stock. There was also no ETA on a new shipment. No ETA on a current product from Canon is a rarity.

Thanks Ed


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  1. When (if) upgrade to 70-200 or 24-70 comes out, do you think it is safe to assume they will remain 77mm ? I’m just about to spend some cash on filters while waiting for some new lenses announcement…

  2. I wouldn’t worry about future upgrades. First off the lenses are so hard to find at first (1st year). Second they are so expensive (50-100% more than their predecessor) that it almost becomes moot.

    To your question: Canon likes the 77mm filter size so you should be safe.

  3. I don’t know.

    A few weeks ago I spoke to a Canon field rep (n.b. a Canon employee) at a Macro class he was teaching. When I brought up this *exact* topic — specifically the handhold-ability of my 100mm f/2.8 Macro — he explained that stabilization is only designed to counteract camera shake around the x and y axises. He claimed a proper IS design for macro lenses would also require z axis stabilization.

    Whether true or not, that was his reasoning why there wasn’t IS on either the 100mm or 180mm L macro lenses. And he didn’t hold any hope that would change any time soon (regardless that the Nikon 105mm macro lens already has VR).

    I’m not saying you are wrong, in fact I hope you are right. But I *am* saying I didn’t get the impression this would change any time soon.

  4. Don’t understand what is all the fuss about? There are quite a few Canon lenses not available at Adorama or B&H with no ETA …the economy is screwed that’s why nobody knows when they will be available…Canon even delayed the building of a new factory ’cause the economy!

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