The following link will bring you to the B&H preorder of the new 70-200.

EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II $2499

thanks stoneking


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  1. Guys, I don’t know how about all of you. But Pro’s were not that much excited by the new 70-200.
    I’m working in a Hotel in Vancouver, where media guys were staying while during Olympics. Don’t know if the last names are necessarily, however the journalists from EPA and LA Times were saying there’s no real reason to pay $500.00 extra… By the way the majority of them don’t even use the IS-mode while shooting sports, so the new IS is useless for Pro-photographers.
    I have 70-200 f/2.8 IS myself – totally happy with the quality of the pics. Yes, it’s not that sharp @200mm, but oh wow… Paying 500.00 extra to get sharpness @ it’s max mm-range – is it really worthy?!

  2. maybe the new 70-200 is marketed for the well-healed amateur and wedding photographer. i see more people everyday with a dslr around their neck. if it was about the money i would buy a tamaron.

  3. It is to me (I own the new one and it matches pretty well my 200 2.8L II prime and even the 100 2.8L IS!).

    IMHO it’s worth the extra $500.

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