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7Artisans Photoelectric RF 10mm F2.8 Fisheye

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7Artisans 10mm f2.8 Full frame fish-eye lens made of 8 groups of 11 optical structures with one HOYA ultra-low dispersion glass to reduce chromatic aberrations, the 178 degree large viewing angle is suitable for landscape/VR panorama production star/travel/underwater photography, etc., The closest focus distance is 0.17 meters, allowing you to experience the fun of shooting close. With the maximum F/2.8 aperture, you will be able to shoot under low light condition and indoors without a flash or supplemental lighting.

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7Artisans Photoelectric RF 15mm F4

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Excellent optical performance: Designed with 2 non-spherical, 3 low-dispersion, and 5 high-refractive-index lenses. Approximate zero chromatic aberration means you no longer have to worry about star trailing in astrophotography. Sharpness is unbeatable: With a 9-group, 13-element (including 2 non-spherical) lens structure, the center and edge quality of your photos will be equally outstanding.

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7Artisans Photoelectric RF 50mm F1.05

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Excellent Portability & Shooting in Narrow Spaces –The lens body is slender and can be detached into 2 sections for separate storage, the aperture ring and focus ring use a movie focusing gear, which is convenient for the follow focus,providing portability for photographers to go out for shooting.And due to the special structure of the front section,it can achieve the purpose of shooting in a narrow space, such as building miniature models and food setting, animal caves, etc.