Canon EOS 7D (New Source)

7D 150x150 - 7D & Announcements [CR1]
Canon EOS 7D?

This is the gist of a message I received about the upcoming SLR announcements.

Announcement of at least 1 DSLR on September 1st/2nd (Depends on planet location).

Specs were sketchy at best, but the following information was given.

– First Prosumer dSLR with Dual DIGIC processors from Canon.
– First Prosumer dSLR with dual card slots from Canon.
– Camera will NOT be full frame, but no crop given.
– Video features will best the 5D Mark II.
– Better AF as compared to the 50D & 5D Mark II.
– Noise Control is better than 50D and arguably better than the 5D Mark II.
– Very similar pixel density to the 5D Mark II.

New 1D
A new 1D will not be announced with the above camera.


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  1. Video features will best the 5D Mark II.

    Huh? The 5D2 is still blowing minds all over this planet with that insane video quality… how could a cruddy crop-sensor camera “best” that?

    My 5D2 is paid for and getting used all the time. I’m DONE worrying about camera bodies, it’s too tiring.

    NOW, what aisle are the L lenses on???


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