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7D & Antarctica

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Bring it on!
Our friend Ole Jorgen Liodden took his 7D to one of the most extreme areas of the planet and put it against the elements. The 7D appears to have won.

7dantarctica - 7D & Antarctica
"Cold? This aint cold" photo: Ole Jorgen Liodden

Check out the full field report:


46 responses to “7D & Antarctica”

  1. Hi,
    He should be worry about the seal below his camera… seem to be aiming at “something” between his leg… :p

  2. Actually, the 5D2 and 7D both claim weather sealing ~equivalent to the EOS 1N. The 5D2 white paper mentions the EOS 1N, and the DP Review in depth review for the 7D (white paper not out??) also mentions the EOS 1N. The renderings showing the weather sealing (both from DP Review) show some small differences, but they are quite similar.

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