In October
Received a link to a guy claiming Canon would be releasing a firmware update for the 7D sometime in the middle of October. Apparently the firmware addresses an issue with 720p. No word on what that issue is. There's probably other small tweaks and fixes as well.


thanks Mehran


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  1. Well, I spoke to them again and all I can say is that the announcement is on the 20th. I have a ballpark on the price, but that is it for now. Apparently everyone is still under NDA so pretty tight lipped.

  2. Got my 7D (kit with 28-135mm) today from Adorama and it came with Firmware 1.09 already installed.

    Awesome camera!

  3. Has anyone here experienced the red dot during video recording on the 7D, it’ll be so frustrating editing each frame out, i hope I’m not alone =\

  4. Common Sense says that if you use your right hand’s thumb to turn the thumb wheel and u flip ur finger up is suppose to scroll up not down, unless the menu was kind of stacked from left to right then u wouldnt be confuse, just use it and make a habit, ur thumb will adjust with time !

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