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7D Hands On Video

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Engadget Plays
Engadget has posted a video showing off some 7D features.

8fps sounds like 10fps. Cool stuff.

Video Here:…..


54 responses to “7D Hands On Video”

  1. I don’t think anybody will be disappointed – provided people aren’t comparing it to the 5D as that’s just an impossible task.

    BTW – does anybody still think there’s a new version of the 70-200mm 2.8fL IS around the corner?

  2. Hi All, been reading canonrumours comments actively in the past few weeks and i am amazed by the aggressivity and “mr know it all” attitude of a lot of posters. i am really curious to see some of the photographs of these professionals who know better. could you post your portfolios and enlighten me with your superb technique and artistic style ?

  3. I understand that anybody who grabs a camera and shoot some pictures which are meaningful to him can call himself a photographer, just anybody who has a pen has the right to write with it and anybody who is licensed to drive can call himself a driver and he is entitled to have the right to comment on a car though not everybody can be a formula driver.

  4. There absolutely will be a 60D. Either that or Canon will be ignoring a hugely important pricepoint that every other DSLR manufacturer offers. I don’t think that’s likely.

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